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About Us



Hello there! I'm Anushka, an artist/designer based in Mumbai, India and the proud founder of the brand 'Vadkeshwari'. I started painting in 2017 and haven't looked back ever since. I draw inspiration from nature and my imagination and love to combine the two. I play with diverse colour palettes and work with conceptual series one by one. 

Starting this brand mid pandemic isn't how I had imagined this to be while graduating from a design school. But here we are..

"Vadkeshwari" is a brand that aims to put art and lifestyle together. Incorporating art in everything possible. Digital or traditional, with no discrimination because art is art. Vadkeshwari isn't just a brand, it's my art journey and I hope you stick by to witness it. I hope I can connect with you and spread cheer through my work. 

Thank you for visiting our web shop 💕

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